Saturday, July 15, 2023

Beware The Ides...

...of Summer...July 15th...for when this day slips below the horizon, you know what that means, don't you?

That's right...

It's the Zombie Apocalypse!

That dreaded day when...y'know, that horrible day when the..., hold on a sec...I'm wrong.

It's not that...but I'm pretty sure it is something bad.

If I could just remember what it's right on the tip of my...

Oh yeah!

Summer is half over!

Time to panic!

Hoist the jibbers and luff the leeches!  Clew the trysail and batten the mizzen!

We're sailing directly into belly of the beast!

Well...eventually, anyway.

Was it just coincidence the 1st ever Atomic bomb exploded on July 16th, 1945?

I don't think so!

Half our (meteorological) summer is gone!


Vaporized by the inexorable forward march of time!

So, what to do?

Well, contrary to our first instincts, we should not give in to panic and hysteria.

No, it's time to knuckle down and do our level best to squeeze all the good stuff we can out of the 2nd half of summer.

So take a calm, reasoned approach and make a logical, well-thought out plan for how you're going to make the most of the time you have left.

Like Calvin:

What are you waiting for?

Chop chop!

In a far more serious vein, the Twins Report is not great news: both boys needed eye surgery this week.

One of them is recovering well, the other, not so much.

In Philippians chapter 2 the Apostle Paul talks about God healing one of his coworkers and a “fellow soldier" in the Gospel.

He said God had mercy on his brother in the Lord, "...and not on him only, but on me also, lest I should have sorrow upon sorrow."  (Philippians 2:27)

Please pray for God's mercy and healing for this young family, as they are indeed suffering through "sorrow upon sorrow" these last several months.

I mentioned my recent purchase of a 1950's Kodak Brownie Hawkeye camera:

Shot 2 rolls of film with it; one black and white, one color.

The b&w was a total loss; while I was loading the roll into the camera, it suddenly "unspooled"...went from a tightly wound roll of film to a loose one in about 2 seconds.

I was sure it was most likely ruined from the light exposure, but went ahead and loaded it into the camera anyway.

Sadly, I was right.

Here's the 1st pic on the roll, which was the worst of the 12:

...and here's the last pic on the roll, which was "the best" (a relative term to be sure) :

Very disappointing.

Had no such mishap while loading the color roll and consequently it turned out much better:

love the bright vibrant colors

our flower fountain, Karen's handiwork (of course)

you thought selfies originated with cell phones?

Loving my new hobby, and have 5 more rolls of color film on the way.

As the folks at the Film Photography Project like to say...

...Shoot Lotsa Film!

Where do you think you're going?

It's time for the HGU! (Hickory Golf Update)

Actually, I might join you in your race to the exit; not much happy news this week.

3 chances to 1 putt for par...

love the cornfields in the distance

...but settled for bogeys on all 3.

Everything else was a double bogey.

Pretty disappointing, right?

Oddly, I feel ok about the round.

I was striking the ball pretty well, consistent from the tees and in the fairways.

The problem was my final approach shot to the green; it was usually "between clubs".

By that I mean it was longer than my niblick, but shorter than my mashie.

With guttys, that means it was between 55 and 75 yards from the green.

Within 50 and I'm either chipping or swinging away with my niblick.

If it's 80 to 100 I'm hitting my mashie.

But 70?  Hm...

Several times I tried hitting a 3/4 speed mashie with little success.  My timing was off and usually hit a fade to the right of the green.

Once I tried cranking my niblick, but pounding a shot for extra distance is always a stupid idea...and this was no exception.

So my hopes of "getting up and down" for par from 75 yards out usually turned into a double bogey.

Yeah, I know...add a mashie niblick to my playset and problem solved.

For now I think I'm going to practice hitting 3/4 speed's a swing timing thing...or maybe just a shorter backswing at the same speed?

Something to work on.

Ok, NOW you can race to the exits...unfortunately for you, they're just after the Parting Shots department...

#5 son and his wife were with us over the July 4th holiday.  photo taken with my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye on 620 film.

Mr. White stopped by for a midnight snack of Seafood Sensations

from Larry at his cottage...Bell's should pay him to advertise their the background

there's a name for that type of grin

recent purchase from Original Grain watches...made of reclaimed wood.  you should check them out

the eternal question

they built "strawhenge" here in Michigan for a Celtic festival

more pics on 620 film using my KBH

tiger lilies by our patio, ibid

our courtyard, ibid

Alright folks, that's a wrap.

We're headed into the 2nd half of summer, so ratchet up your sense of urgency, get out there and seize the day(s).

That sentiment agrees with God's Word:

Ain't it the truth.

later, mcm fans...

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