Saturday, August 12, 2023

Pretty Day...

...on the links...
despite my lackluster play.

2 chances to 1 putt for par, bogeys for both.

Carded 2 other bogeys along the way, but the rest...well, at least there were no snowmen in sight...

...but nothing to write home about, either.

Next week I'm swapping out my guttys for Callaway Supersofts.

Between my driving iron and mid iron, I can reach most greens on the course in 2 strokes when using supersofts.

In theory, anyway...whether that actually happens remains to be seen.

Um, not the movie, though "Comedy Riot!" can be an apt description of my efforts at times.

The Twins Report is once again tough sledding.

One of them needs hernia surgery, and the other one they thought might be ready to go home had some breathing issues this past week.

So in the "2 steps forward, 1 step back" routine, this has definitely been the step backwards.

Please uphold this young family in prayer.

I know I said Halloween in July is too early, even for me...

...but it's August now.

Besides, this isn't my fault; Larry's the one who showed them to me.

In the "flimsy justification" department, they're not an addition to our ever growing cadre of props; no, they're a replacement.

Specifically, we're retiring Bones Bluesman, the harmonica skeleton guy:

He's fun, but just goes on and on and on...way too long.

The new guys are mellow jazzy and will give a kind of spooky cool vibe to the proceedings.

And don't worry about Bones; we've got just the place for him...

there's this saying, see, about skeletons in your clos - ah, forget it...

As Colin Raye opined musically, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

From the KBH* files...after a miserable failure with my first roll of B&W film - though I'm not convinced it was totally my fault - I decided to try, try again.

While I definitely prefer color film, there's something austere, an elegant simplicity, about crisp, black and white pictures.

Not to mention being period correct...this is after all a 1950's camera:

the pics may be black and white, but the captions don't have to the shadow play in this photograph, and if memory serves, finished my round with a birdie.  or was this just a staged shot?  hmm...

those tiger lilies on the right were a bright, vibrant orange.

the hardscape looks especially harsh in black and white.

Marilyn's contract called for all her movies to be in color, but one - and perhaps her comedic best - was shot in black and white - the Billy Wilder classic, "Some Like It Hot".  She looks pretty good in B&W, yes?

wanted to see if the flash worked as well for B&W photos as it did for color, and...voila.

aptly named.

There you have it...a more successful foray into the world of B&W photography.

I've got one more roll of B&W film to shoot, but I'm saving it until inspiration strikes.

*Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, 620 film camera, circa 1950:

Think that's gonna do it for this this edition of the

Tune in next time when John will say...

later, mcm fans...

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