Sunday, November 30, 2014

From Happy Thanksgiving...

Love those Ronson candles... Merry Christmas...
...and that Slimline Aluminum Christmas tree.
...all in the same week.

And what a week at work it was...the craziness of the Christmas rush has begun...7 days a week from now until the big day...o boy.

I do enjoy putting up my aluminum its rotating tree stand...and putting the color wheel in place...with the two battery operated stacks of Christmas presents...all in front of our Malm fireplace...a little bit of mid century modern heaven.

Here's a video of the American Flyer electric train I put around the base of the tree:

So that's about it for my Christmas decorating responsibilities...oh, I also had to put up the nativity scene outside...a stable, and plastic figures of Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus.

I might add a couple of critters this year, or maybe the wisemen.

Karen on the other hand will transform the rest of our home into a Christmas wonder land...and I'll probably get sucked into the decorating vortex again when that activity begins...mostly just hauling boxes out of the garage and putting them back once the contents have been distributed appropriately.  We do have a 9 ft tree that K puts up each year...

She asked me if I would be ok if we didn't this year, and I told her of mcm aluminum tree is the only one I need...but I also told her she'll never get away with that b/c her daughters will insist on tradition.  Guess who was right when she asked them?  So the 9 ft tree will make another appearance this is spectacular once she has it up, but it's a lot of work.

Later, mcm fans...

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