Sunday, February 22, 2015


...letter from my granddaughter.  Miriam wrote this to me and melted my heart.  What a cutie.

On the collecting front, trifecta complete:
Senior Bartender striker lighter

Bob Adams of found and restored this Ronson Senior Bartender striker lighter for me, which "completes" (a relative term for any collector) my Ronson bartender lighter series.

Unlike the touch tip model, with cigarette holders on either side, this one has it in front:

Here's all three of the bartenders together:
That's the Senior touch tip on the left, the Junior maid in the middle, and the Senior striker on the right.

Thank you, Bob!

Already discussed the politically correct issue previously, and the value these have for collectors of Black Americana...part of the "never forget, never again" school of thought.

For me they're simply history, elements of 1930's American culture, art deco objets d'art.

Today we journeyed to Douglas and participated in the black arts of ten pinnery again...
Ok so that's not the Douglas bowling alley...I just like the art deco sign...
Enjoyed our attempts but we were less than excellent, excuses...we're just not that good...but there were too many mechanical issues with the lane / pinsetters to get any kind of rhythm going, and then the Brady Bunch took the lane next to us and the fun was definitely over after that.  We finished our drinks and called it a day.

Another reason why we need to install a lane in our home...

Later, mcm fans...

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