Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Big Night...

...has come and gone...and along with it, my theory of weather related trick or treat numbers.

That's the happy couple in their haunt, by the way...Franky and his Bride.

Here's their haunt:
The blue lights on the 2nd story windows above the front door are "flying bats"...we had several props in and around the yard, and a number of folks commented on how much fun it is coming to our place on All Hallows...

...but hearkening back to my opening line, apparently decent weather does not have any positive correlation to numbers of trick of treaters...because instead of the 100+ we expected, we actually had less than 50...go figure.

Karen thinks maybe it's the increasing popularity of "Trunk or Treat" that churches and fire stations do...safe public venues for parents to take their kids and get their candy all in one place.

Not really sure, but this may be the last time I attempt to do it up big...bc once again, much ado about nothing...and this time I can't blame the weather.  O well...

During the day Karen attended a Trump rally in the area...got to see Bobby Knight from Indiana...
...and of course The Donald...

Normally avoid politics on my blog, but this is was a local event and is part of an historic election...and while both candidates have very high unfavorables, one of them has clearly engaged in criminal activity and then lied continually to try and cover it up.

Mostly at this point I just want the election to be over...I'm sick of the rancor, the lying, the corruption.  Let's vote already and be done with it.

Later, mcm fans...

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