Saturday, May 27, 2017


...For Sale...and hopefully sold by the end of this holiday weekend...we've got better-than-asking-price offers, we really just need to choose the right one now and put this thing to bed.

It has been a ton of work, and much of it has fallen on Karen's shoulders.  Apparently I married Superwoman bc the transformation in our home has been amazing...not just over the last couple of months when an enormous amount of time and effort has been focused on decluttering...but over the last twelve years as she transformed our home from "what it was" to "what it is".

One example...the before and after of our's what it was when we moved in:
...and here's what it is as I gaze out our kitchen window this morning:
All of that is Karen's doing...she designed each element, and labors over the freshening, maintenance, and caretaking of it constantly.

She even worked with the cement contractors when they were trying to figure the right angles for the slope of the cement to the drains to avoid puddles when it rains.

And that's just the outside...she repeated this same transformational magic throughout our home, picking the look, the decor, the materials, and rolling up her sleeves and getting it done for each room, whether she was functioning as the general contractor and overseeing the work or actually doing it herself.

So it's been rewarding to hear all the positive feedback from everyone walking through our home...all the superlatives bandied about by excited buyers about how beautifully and tastefully decorated every room is.

Thankfully the photographer did an excellent job capturing that and so ours has been listed as the hottest house on the market in our area right now.  Here are a few of what I think are the "money shots" that he took:
curb appeal...

love the hardwood and the "it's a wonderful life" staircase

this looks like a painting to me

he did a great job of capturing the cozy feel of the theater room

Karen's fingerprints are all over everything here, and it is really tough to move on...

But moving on we are, and in 5 years she'll have worked her same magic on the new place.  Should be exciting.

Took yesterday off from work and it was a very busy day...started it with the ancient Scottish ritual of self-humiliation via golf clubs...
looks like a water hazard...
...but unexpectedly hit a few decent shots along the way...and the owner of the course cruised by in his golf cart while I was flailing away on the 7th hole...said he loves my hickories and wants to get a picture sometime.  I said, "Well I'm Bobby Jones and that sounds wonderful.  Will there be royalties involved?"

Anyway, I was on the course all by my lonesome at 6:45 and back home by 8:30...just in time for Steve from Steve's Antique Auto to stop by and try to fix Mr. T in my garage.
Sadly, as the above picture shows, they ended up towing Mr. T back to Steve's garage and fixing him there...a distributor cap, points, condenser, plugs and $200 later, Mr. T is officially back on the road...stiff necked beast that he is.

Spent two hours getting ready for the open house, and the rest of the day we were out and about since our home was inundated by strangers after that.

We were exhausted by 10 pm and fell into bed before 11 for the first time in a thousand years.

Today we're headed out to Holland to check on our new digs...Chris starts work on that next week.

The rest of the day beckons, so...

later, mcm fans...

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