Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Mi'racle...

...on # 4...chipped in for a par 5.

That's pronounced "my-ra-cull" by the's a contraction of "minor miracle"...not one of the big ones, but unusual enough to make the cut.

My usual plan when golfing is to try to be on the green with a chance to 1 putt for par.

I can sometimes do a little better than that on par 3's, occasionally hit my goal on par 4's.

Then there are those loooong par 5's...

In general I agree with Brookins and MacNelly's "Shoe" when it comes to them...

...but this time things were actually going along pretty well...after a decent tee shot with my brassie and 2 nice mashies, I was hitting 4 and only 100 yards away from the green.

That's too long for my niblick, but not a full mashie I had to swing about 3/4 speed and ended up leaving it a little bit short of the green.

Apparently that was the exact moment all the stars aligned...
...and voila, I actually parred a 500 yard par 5 with my hickories.

I am hereby and officially retiring from golf since it's obvious I've hit the pinnacle of my career and there's nowhere to go but down from here.

Well, retiring until the next time I decide to punish myself with another 9, that is.

The fact that you have to plow through renditions like the above is really Karen's fault.

When I come home from the links I try to regale her with a fascinating retelling of my exploits but she's having none of it.

I usually end up chasing her around...

...shouting out random golf phrases...

"...and then a short niblick to the green left me 2 feet from the cup for a gimme!"

...while she covers her ears and sings snippets of polka songs...

"Roll out the barrel!  We'll have a barrel of fun!" drown out whatever it is I'm trying to yell at her.

Can you believe that?


Gotta give a happy birthday shout out to # 1 son, Micah...
...I won't say which one it was, but he recently enjoyed a big celebration for the 11th anniversary of his 29th birthday.

Happy birthday, the Scriptures say, "...thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power..."

God's richest blessings to you, my son...hope it's a great day for you.

All Hallows E'en is fast approaching and we added a new inflatable to our front yard...
...and a closer look...
Think I like this one best...left to right we've got a black cat, a ghost pumpkin (The Mummy would have been better), Franky (always my fave), some kind of purple bugaboo, a jack'o'lantern, and Count Dracula...pretty nice job covering most of the essentials.

And of course I've resurrected the star of the big day...the one and only, the incomparable, the tall, formerly deceased science experiment we all know and love...
...Mr. Bolts...wouldn't be Halloween without him.

Last night we watched "Benjamin Button" again...
...a  truly wonderful movie, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's short story.

This is one of those rare movies that takes an unusual short story and vastly improves it, fleshing it out in ways the original author wishes he'd thought's spectacular, cinema at its best.

You have to be over a certain age and of a certain mindset to appreciate it...but assuming you have the breadth of life experience and depth of personal character required, watching this will be a fabulous experience for you.

If you actually watch this movie without shedding a few tears you should check your pulse since you've obviously died and simply haven't realized it yet...but don't worry, the people around you know.

Reminds me I should visit New Orleans again.

Continuing to make some progress on PMT: The Amateur, though it's slow going at the moment.  There are couple of plot twists I'm wrangling with and haven't quite figgered 'em out yet.

And that, dear readers, catches you up on all the big doin's around the Atomic Monster Cafe and so I shall take my leave and exit gracefully, stage right...

later, mcm fans...

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