Friday, March 12, 2021

In The "Back From The Brink" Department...

...the man on the left is #1 week after heart surgery.  (that's one of his sons on the right.)

Two weeks ago he went to the doctor complaining of shortness of breath.

A week later he endured an 8 hour surgery to repair a damaged heart valve along with a "cardiac ablation" to restore normal heart rhythm.

Today he was given the "all clear" and released from the hospital.

We are praising God and giving thanks for the talented surgeon, nurses and medical staff that saved his life.

In a previous era we would have been arranging a funeral and mourning the loss of a young man cut down in the prime of life.

Instead we're rejoicing at his recovery and a return to full health with the hope of many productive, happy years ahead.

These are amazing times in which we live.

You've heard the stories surrounding St. Patrick...well here's what REALLY happened...'s as good an explanation as any I suppose.

In just a few days we'll have burned through a couple of the events for which March is tolerated...the time change (this weekend)...

...and the aforementioned St. Patrick’s Day (Wednesday).

By next weekend we'll have finally arrived at Spring...

The wait's almost over...

And speaking of Spring... ain't pretty, but there's no snow left!

At least it's making an effort...

...and doing a fine job.

Unfortunately, it's anything but Spring time when it comes to writing...

Still wandering in the desert searching for motivation, and it's been long enough now that I consider it a full blown creative drought.

There's a pithy saying that opines "writers write", implying if you're a bona fide writer you spend your days putting (digital) pen to (virtual) paper, no matter what.

And there's some truth there.   Discipline is an important part of producing meaningful product.

If we went to work only on those days when we felt like it, most of us would be unemployed.

monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday...

However, I realized long ago I do not have a mighty river of creativity raging inside of me, threatening to overflow the banks of my being if I do not furiously write from sunup to sundown, 7 days a week.

Sadly, it's more like a bubbling spring of creativity that seeks expression via the written word from time to time.

It ebbs and flows with the seasons of life, very much influenced by what's happening around and to me.

Considering the events of the last six months, both national and personal, there's no mystery here.  I fully understand the reasons for my current dearth of creativity.

And while I haven't found the silver bullet yet, I know part of the cure for what ails me will simply be the passage of time.

So while I'm in a holding pattern...

...I've been re-reading - and in a few cases partially rewriting - some of my prior work.

This is somewhat akin to rearranging my sock drawer...

um...too neat...definitely not mine

...but it's actually been fairly productive.  I've found and fixed a number of typos and improved a couple of stories, one significantly (imho).

But yeah...still waiting for that creative surge to really jump start my writing again.

Stuck in the rinse cycle for now.

While I'm waiting for inspiration to strike, I have been able to get outside and swing my hickories...

...but only in my backyard, and only using whiffle golf balls.

Still, I'm shaking off the rust and feeling pretty good about it overall.

We're a month away from actually hitting the links, but it's finally within reach.

Might even see if I can get a rematch with my old nemesis...

Due to extenuating circumstances...

...there is no parting shots section this week...just this one sighting of a Sasquatch...

...well, at least the shadow of a Sasquatch.

later, mcm fans...

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