Sunday, April 18, 2021

A Sad Delivery...

 ...yet a joyful reminder...of my son Ryan's current home in heaven.

His ashes arrived today in a very elegant urn, and once again I shed some tears for a life ended too soon.

It wasn't the driver's fault, but apparently there was some kind of issue with finalizing the delivery.

While she was checking details on her computer I mentioned the box she had contained the ashes of my 2nd son's cremated remains.

Without looking up from her computer she mumbled distractedly, "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that..."

Her comment - intended to be kind no doubt - had all the sincerity of a milliner's compliment on how fabulous that $200 chapeau she's trying to sell you looks atop your bony noggin.

It reminded me of this stark reality:

Everyone has their issues, so you can't expect the world to be emotionally invested in yours.

Eventually she got it sorted, handed me the box, and went on with her day.

For my part, I've decided to keep Ryan's remains front and center...

...atop the focal point of the best room in the house.

It's too little too late of course, but for the time being they will serve as a reminder I need to pay less heed to the noisily urgent and more to the quietly important.

Something, regrettably, I did not do those years Ryan was daily in my care.

Some of the grandkids headed south recently... warmer climes for a break from Michigan's chilly weather...

...where they enjoyed some sport fishing...

...and some pool time...

...and a whole lotta relaxing.

This is normally the part where I, as the pater familias of our wayward clan, trot out some lame stories about how tough things were when I was a lad...but I'm even less interested in doing that than you are in reading about it.

And that's saying something.

For whatever reason, I  have quite suddenly stumbled upon some creative energy...or perhaps more accurately, some creative recycling energy...

...and am in the process of turning one of my short stories into a novella.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm just plowing ahead - striking while the iron is still hot - in the hopes this actually leads to a decent story when all is said and done.

In any event, I am once again writing, which in my world is a good thing.

And that, dear reader, is going to have to suffice for this edition of the...

...I like that picture because I like old fashioned diners...all that shiny chrome with bright red stools and meals with names like Harry's Heartburn Heaven...

later, mcm fans...

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