Saturday, May 8, 2021

Today at 5:25 pm...

 ...I sank this putt...for a bogey as the first official score ever registered on the par 4 first hole of the Ryan P. Hare Memorial Hickory / Wiffle Golf Course.

Should have been a par, but after a decent tee shot with my play club, I left my niblick just a little short of the green, so had to chip on in 3.

Missed the 8 footer for the leave you see above, then sank that for a bogey.

Here's the view from the tee:

Did you spot the flag?

Slight dogleg right, about 45 yards away.

To be honest I'm not satisfied with the feel of the green.  I hand compacted the crushed limestone layer many times then spread 9 bags of sand over that to fill in the cracks.

After that I wet it and hand compacted the sand layer several times.

Seemed ok when I put down the turf but now you can still feel the crushed limestone underfoot when you’re standing on the green.

At some future date I’ll probably take up the turf and put more sand down but don’t want to overdo it or it will shift under your feet when you stand on it.

Gotta think about it, but not too bad for a first effort...I'll give it a C+, maybe a B- if grading on the curve.

Three more chances to get it right this summer.

Still too cold out to do any serious gardening / landscaping's in the 30's at night lately...

...but things are blooming...

...and we (read: Karen) have made a start on getting things going again.

Even made it over to Countryside Greenhouse today...

...and bought this ornamental tree, and a bunch of flowers...

...which are spending the night in the garage due to the frost warning.

If it ever warms up, we'll get crackin'...

On the home stretch now with Born Out Of Due Time...

...have my ending - well, mostly - and have written it in the neural network that passes for my just have to get it down on (digital) paper.

Shooting for next weekend, then proofreading / tweaking begins.

Hoping to publish by June.

Time for a stroll through the parting shots gallery...

Uncle Ryan with 3 of #1 son's kids, probably 15 years ago

I just like this art deco bar

Buddy Tomcat Kitten giving me the stink eye

Lilacs in bloom

this is the trunk of the big green spider tree that was blocking our wall until I cut the top off...I wanted to cut the trunk down, but Karen said "Wait 'til spring...if it blooms, we'll keep it..."

...wouldn't you know it...the gnarly bugger bloomed...oh well, it does make a good Halloween Tree

Saw the pretender to the throne mumbling to himself on TV the other day, and it brought this Scripture to mind:

later, mcm fans...

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