Sunday, May 23, 2021

We Bid A Formal Farewell...

...To Ryan This Weekend...and I'm thankful to those special folks who took time from their day to attend his memorial service.

Pastor Gunderman from Berlin Baptist Church gave a clear presentation of the gospel, inviting everyone to come to the Lord through faith in Christ, just as Ryan did so many years ago.

It's hard to believe Ryan's been gone for two months already...there are days when this doesn't seem real.

Looking forward to when I'll see him again in heaven.

We planted this tree in Ryan's memory...

...that's an ornamental apple tree...beautiful blossoms every spring.

Here's another view...

...a reminder of the beauty and brevity of life.

May continues to work its magic with Mother Nature as everything is finally in bloom again...

pink blossoms next to the bubbling rock fountain...

...and purple blooms on the other side

Karen has the courtyard refreshed and the irises blossomed in response

new red mulch brightens the scene...

...and even the halloween tree is leafing out.

back patio garden coming into focus

Summer appears to finally be present and accounted for...let the countdown much outdoor living can you squeeze in to the next 3 months??

Well folks, I am emotionally whipped after the events of this weekend so I'm calling it a day.

Class dismissed.

Your homework assignment:

Go hug and kiss the ones you love.


later, mcm fans...

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