Saturday, April 13, 2024

A Sign The Apocalypse... near:  when what used to be the most powerful nation on earth pretends an escapee from a dementia care facility is president.

The man doesn't even know what century he's in.

Granted he's from the 20th century; the 1st half, and he's way past his "best if used by" date.

With halfwits like him in power, the end must be near, so be ready:

It's been awhile, so let's do...

...the Crying Man update...aka the dreaded diet.

In truth it hasn't been as bad as say, having to putt with an alligator lounging on the green.

definitely qualifies as a "gimme"

That's not to say it's been fun; far from it, but I'm down from 211 to 195, so there is progress.

Might have a few more pounds to go, but my willpower is weakening, and I'm blaming the solar eclipse...

..and Krispy Kreme.

I didn't have one of their eclipse donuts, but I would if I could find one.

With a cup of coffee to go, so I could eat in shame, by myself, in my car.

Make that 2 donuts.

In the "annual rite of spring" department...

...I walked my first round of 9 this weekend, using my very slimmed down "gutty playset".

That's my new "long spoon" from <Kelly Leonard>, my 1920's mashie, and my long nose putter, also from Kelly.

The plan over the next couple of months is to add a play club and a baffing spoon, and replace my mashie with a smooth face lofting iron so it will be an official pre-1900 gutty playset.

But you play with what you've got not what you want, so I did.

beautiful but chilly morning...42 degrees

And it was about what I expected:  hit some good shots, some not so good, and a bunch of in between.

Did manage to bogey 3 holes...

..."1 putt for par" chances that wound up as 2 putts for bogey.

Haven't named my long nose putter yet, but "Stranger Danger" and "Stick Of Death" are currently in the running.

Definitely need more practice with what's-his-name 'cause at the moment we are not on the same page.

Even so it was a mostly enjoyable round...ended up with the same ball I started, and in a truly bizarre moment, even found one I lost from last year...

...unless there's someone else swinging hickories and playing McIntyre Park gutta perchas.

Not likely, so I'm treating it as my reclaimed property.

Anyway, I know what I need to practice, and it's a beautiful day, so if you'll excuse me now...

You know what that means:

hope you remembered your eclipse glasses

beautiful scenery in Italy from "fixer to fabulous"

according to Dawn Staley, that's fair

I do miss Mr. T

bidenflation requires creative thinking

another rite of spring...the battle against the moles

As you skeedaddle, a word of wisdom from our Creator:

later, mcm fans...

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