Friday, April 5, 2024

In The "Christmas In April" Department...

...we have a Long Spoon Hickory Wood...handcrafted by Canadian clubmaker <Kelly Leonard>.

Kelly specializes in pre-1900 style golf clubs...the kind used during the Featherie (1800-1850) and Gutta Percha (1850-1900) eras.

This one is 42.5" long with a 15 degree loft, swing weight of D5, hickory shaft and a hard white maple head.

Too bad you can't see it in person; the pictures don't come close to doing it justice.

Without exaggeration, this is the most beautiful handcrafted golf club I've ever seen, and it's an absolute dream to swing.

Can't wait to get it on the links; I'll use it from the tees and fairways (with my guttys of course).

Thus endeth step 1 of building my pre-1900 Gutty / Featherie playset.

Next up in May will be a Baffing Spoon...

usually 25 to 30 degrees of loft, used like a mashie or niblick

...followed by a Play Club in June.

about 12 degrees of loft, used as a driver from the tees

Let the fun begin.

We're just in time for a happy birthday shout out to #5 son...

this never gets old...

...who somehow managed to grow up when I wasn't looking.

It's your basic miracle, because as far as I can tell, I haven't aged a day...

proving once again "denial" ain't just a river in egypt

...while he's clearly getting up there in years.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my warrior son...

...thank you for your service to our country, and best wishes for many more happy birthdays!

Love you always.

I see our beloved governor, Wretched Dimwitmer, has a new book out:

how much lip filler does one woman need?

Lacking any significant accomplishments of her own, it appears she's trying to ride the coattails of Oscar winning movie legend, John Wayne:

Newsflash: she ain’t no Rooster Cogburn and has a snowball's chance in you-know-where of anyone confusing her with a great American leader.

Besides, it's pretty embarrassing to have a typo in the title, especially since they'd already printed the first run of 5 copies.

But they rallied the troops - and considering the panic driven timeframe - did the best they could, rushing a correction for the 2nd run:

Really, considering the subject matter - what she's learned in life - it wasn't all that expensive to reprint; it's only 3 pages long, and 2 of those are blank in case you want to doodle...

...or make a grocery list or whatever.

In bookstore now...don't miss it while you can.

(I know...too easy, right?  Like fish in a barrel.)

Looks like we've brought the house down again...

Buster Keaton in the 1928 silent classic, Steamboat Bill, Jr.  That's an actual 2 ton house front falling on'll have to watch the movie to find out if he was crushed or not. we might as well 23 Skidoo:

reading the tea leaves

a rare instance of FB wisdom being semi-useful

the launch pad...

...and the landing site.  gaining on it...

nowadays if it's not nailed down, someone's gonna steal it; and wouldn't you know?  right before the eclipse...

'nuff said

That's going to do it for this edition of the AMC and as always, we welcome all positive, encouraging and uplifting comments.

Otherwise keep it to yourself; nobody likes a Negative Nancy.

As you double time it past the security personnel, here's some encouragement from Gods Word:

later, mcm fans...

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