Sunday, May 19, 2024

Survival Skills 101...

...or how to make "Go-Go Juice".

#1 Grandson's wife gave us the cool mcm percolator; 1st one I've used made of glass, rather than metal.

Fun watching the magic happen as water is transformed into that essential building block of life, coffee.

Of course coffee snobs...

...eschew percolators as a means of acquiring their drug of choice, claiming it produces a bitter, strong drink.

I say if it's bitter you're doing it wrong, and if weak is your forte, drink Postum (insert involuntary gag reflex here).

If it doesn't put hair on your chest, you're missing the point.

So stop by your local antique shop, pick up a vintage percolator and start kickin' it old school.

see?  coffee percolators are smart!

Percolating coffee will make your kitchen smell great and banish annoying coffee snobs from your life.

You're welcome.

In other news...

...America is doomed if Slo-Joe's handlers can cheat him into office again come November.

We've gone from energy independence, low inflation, secure borders and a strong military to the exact opposite under Dementia Joe's "America Last" policies.

Equally troubling is the rapid rise of antisemitism in this country and our refusal to stand by our ally Israel.

Any country that turns against God's chosen people is doomed.

Kicking the clown in chief to the curb is not just a good idea, it's essential for our survival as a top tier nation.

that vacant eyed stare tells you the lights are on, but nobody's home

Since we're commanded in Scripture to pray for our leaders...

...I've chosen part of David's prayer from Psalms 109, verse 8:

"...let another take his office."

Please LORD, let it be so.

In another remarkably gracious act by yours truly, here's the only hickory golf pic you needs must endure this week:

That's my birdie putt leave on the par 4 fifth hole.

Decent tee shot with my brassie, followed by a good mid iron put me on the green in 2.

I'd love to write I drained that for my first birdie of the season...

...but conscience forbids; truth is I rimmed the cup and happily took a par.

Grabbed one more and should have had a 3rd, but rimmed the cup on #7 for a bogey.

So 2 pars, 5 bogeys, and 2 mind your own business's comprised this week's effort.

I am forever constrained by modest talent, advancing years and limited time - that’s a mouthful of restraints right there - but whatever progress I’m making this season... due to the instruction and wisdom of Harry Vardon.

A quick peek out the window...

...tells me it's time to 23 Skidoo, so let's do this:

pool area is shaping up nicely

irises blooming in the courtyard

mr. O enjoying a bite of grape jelly

snowballs in may

the flamingos flew home

"in what country is that corner?"  he's a newspaper editor; he should know better

The season of floral beauty and outdoor living has finally arrived in all its natural splendor, so do your best to live a curated life of conscious choices.

That clock's a-ticking'...

And keeping with the theme of Davidic Psalms...

later, mcm fans...

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