Sunday, May 26, 2024

On This Cold And Rainy...

...we pause to remember and honor those who gave their lives in the cause of freedom.

Speaking of military veterans, #5 son has gone from clean shaven soldier... bearded cross fit instructor.

Either way, he's still kickin' it hard core.

Hoping to see him sometime this summer.

Hickory golf this week was a par, a bogey and...

...well, yeah...not quite that bad but pretty darn close.

The cause of all this pain and anguish?

My tee shots, per usual.

I've been hitting fairly well at the driving range, but that's with hybrids, not hickories.

Since hybrids are designed to be forgiving and are easier to hit, it's sorta like using a rifle for target practice then switching to a BB gun for the hunt.

At a loss for what to do, I finally decided to try my one and only modern hickory club at the driving range, a playclub made by <Tad Moore>:

It's still not a brassie, but at least it's a hickory long club.

Started off slow, but I was able to tweak a couple of things and ended up hitting 'em straight by the time I finished.

Problem solved?

Next round will tell, but what I really need is an open field where I can practice with my hickory brassie and super soft golf balls.

And a dash of Walter Hagen's attitude wouldn't hurt.

He maintained that 3 bad shots plus 1 good one makes par.

In his world there was only one shot that truly mattered: the next one.

Either way, it's probably worth remembering what Jack Nicklaus said about teeing off:

"A perfectly straight shot with a driver is a fluke."

It is in my world for sure.

Ok, enough palavering, it's time to cowboy up and ride into the sunset.

Let's 23 skidoo:

the fence #1 grandson built for us...

...and after Karen painted it... match the house trim

Larry's got his dock in at his cottage...

...just in time for Woody to fly in for a visit.  That’s one big pileated woodpecker.

roses in bloom... well as the rhododendron in the hardscape

believe it or not, he's sleeping, not stretching

That's a wrap for now, boys and girls, but tune in next week when Mr. Bolts will say:

Yeah, he doesn't talk much, more of the strong silent type.

Like me.

Hey, don't laugh...

later, mcm fans...

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