Saturday, June 1, 2024

Woodja Look At That...'s already June 1st, and we now have 15+ hours of daylight.

Over the next 3 weeks we'll add about 12 minutes to that total before we start the inexorable backward tumble to just 9 hours of daylight come late December.

In other words... better make hay while the sun shines.

Put down your phone, step away from the gaming device, and jump into the real world of summer.

that's mine; what's yours?

This Public Service Announcement brought to you *free* of charge courtesy of 

*Free* Public Service Announcements.

Oh the joy, the bliss, the unbridled ecstasy for the unhinged left!

Finally, Bad Orange Man is a convicted felon!

Well, for a little while anyway, until the kangaroo court's ruling is reversed on appeal.

Of course, not everyone is as giddy as the fruitcakes in the media.

And in an accidental dust up with the truth...

...the yellow journalists at the official mouthpiece for DNC propaganda admitted the farcical show trial bumped Trump's war chest by more than $50 million overnight.

That's since jumped up to $200 million plus.

Trump should laud democrat activists Merchan and Bragg for their in-kind contributions to his reelection campaign.

Thank you, boys!

That's a ton of cash...

Continuing my recent largesse of inflicting only one hickory golf pic on you...

...that's what happened on the 2nd tee this week.

A first for me; I've had a hickory shaft crack before, but until this week I'd never launched a club head.

Went about 40 yards, and the ball went almost 140; pretty straight, too.

Sadly, ended up with a double bogey on that hole and was skunked in the par department for the whole round.

Had a couple of chances to 1 putt for par, but nuthin' doin'.

Already have the refund in hand; the club goes back to the seller this week.

To advance the cause of human decency, let's 23 skidoo:

your tax dollars at work

our red tail black of a kind 'round these parts

Larry's dock swarmed by mayflies...

...and mists over the water

started as a gorgeous June day, ended with much needed rain

I need one of these art deco clocks

a relative on the run in our backyard

Well folks, it's that time:

Quit lazing around, return yourselves to the upright and locked position and <Do The Hustle> out the back door.

As you go, take this bit of God's wisdom with you:

later, mcm fans...

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