Sunday, June 16, 2024


...of her youth...that's why Karen bought this Huffy Nel Lusso Single 1892 cruiser bike at a garage sale.

They wanted $20 for it, but it had 2 flat tires and was filthy, so they took $10.

We pumped up both tires, Karen gave it a good scrub, she took it for a ride and announced she's in love.

It is a beautiful retro style bicycle...

...sturdy, well-made, fun to ride and easy on the eyes.

After biking all over Massachusetts on my 10 speed back in the 70's, I graduated to a '67 Mustang and never thought about bicycling again.

Wondering if what she salvaged was worth it, I poked around a bit on eBay.

We went back to the garage sale and gave them the rest of their $20 asking price.

Leave us not forget:

Hope you get to celebrate <Dad's Day> in style.

You knew it was coming, and here it is...

Wait...what?  No, that's not it!

It's the Ides of June!

We're already halfway through the first month of summer!

It's true I usually wait until the <Ides Of July> to sound the alarm, but I say plan ahead and be prepared.

A month from now you may forget to panic, and then where would you be?

The point is, time's a wastin' so get busy with your summer activities:

Swim, hike, bike, camp, read a book outside, run, tan, play tennis, try pickle ball, travel, play croquet, toss horse shoes, kayak, canoe, fish, water ski, jet ski, picnic at the beach...

Did I forget anything?

Oh yeah.

And since you brought it up...

...after a truly miserable outing with my pre-1900 hickories, I and the tools of my ignorance hit the links twice last week.


my ol' pal, <Deuce Mulligan>


According to the newly devised LSS*, I dropped Wednesday's match, 4-5, but came back and won Friday's, 5-4.

I'll bore you with the details some other day.

You're welcome.

*LSS - Larry's Scoring System.  Developed in response to his regular question, "Did you win?" after I returned from walking 9, solo.  Finally decided on a modified match play system: when hitting guttys, bogey or better is a won hole; double bogey and up is a lost hole.  Since I walk 9, there will always be a clear winner/loser.

Game on!

Skip the adieu, let's 23 skidoo:

1st tiger lily of the season...

...happily joined by some pals a few days later

florida sunset from #1 son's family vacation

just what we need...more turkeys

irish coffee and a kentucky cheroot...the original <pause that refreshes>

at $14 a pop, this is exactly how I feel about my McIntyre guttys

the unhinged left's greatest fear

On this beautiful summer morning, I wish you a Happy Father's day and leave you with this reminder from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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