Saturday, June 29, 2024

Dakota Tribal Wisdom Suggests...

...when you discover you're riding a dead horse...the best strategy is to dismount.

In a pathetic display of cruelty and incompetence, the dems trotted out their dead horse for all the world to see.

The few times he wasn't mumbling incoherently and losing his train of thought, he was lying through his dentures.

The most egregious lie of all?

“I’m the only president this century that doesn’t have any, this decade, that not any troops dying anywhere in the world, like he did.” 

Ok, that's typical Slo-Joe dementia speak, but he's claiming no soldiers died in combat during the time he's been illegally squatting in the White House.

No troop deaths...really?

That will come as a shock to the families of the 13 troops killed on August 26, 2021 in a bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Biden even attended the transfer of these troops' remains, an event he apparently doesn't remember.

The world does, however - who can forget the image of him checking his watch, wondering how much longer he had to endure this inconvenience?

It was almost time for his graham crackers and milk; plus, those Looney Tunes cartoons weren't going to watch themselves.

In the aftermath of his debate debacle, we're seeing a flood of oddly coordinated calls for Dementia Joe to drop out of the race.

And I say "oddly" because we've been assured for years by every main stream talking head that Biden is "just fine".

“Start your tape right now, because I’m about to tell you the truth. And f-you if you can’t handle the truth," the Joe/Mika clown show blustered recently.

"This version of Biden intellectually, analytically, is the best Biden ever!"

Are they and all their leftist conspirators delusional, dishonest or simply demented?

Yes indeed.

The videos of Biden freezing up in public events, spouting unintelligible gibberish, being led off the stage by Barry O at a dem fundraiser, falling multiple times while climbing stairs...?

"Cheap Fakes" according to the White House communications team.


As Grouch Marx famously asked, "Who are you going to believe?  Me, or you own eyes?"

So how is it that all these gaslighting media dopes who've sworn for years Biden is perfection personified suddenly turned on a dime in unison, and are now calling for his replacement?

Rest assured these new talking points are not the result of delusional hordes being force fed reality and finally awaking to the truth.

No, this is a planned execution by the <long knives> squad; they've played out their frat boys "Weekend At Bernie's" fantasy for years but it's finally over.

Time to dump the corpse and find another stiff, while feigning heartbreak over the "sudden and surprising" demise of their hallowed leader (barf bags available upon request).

Underscoring their desperation, one of the stiffs they've suggested as a possible replacement is Michigan Governor Wretched Dimwitmer.

Let me tell ya, that's some first class barrel bottom scraping right there.

While she has about the same IQ and broken moral compass as Dementia Joe - and every decent human being in the state would rejoice at her departure - she's even less likable than Slo-Joe because yes...

...we do remember Covid.

So who will be their last gasp attempt at political relevance?

Newsom?  Harris?  <Tartarus>?

Ssssssssstay tuned...

A quick delousing...

yes, you're the chicken

...and we can move on to the next subject.

Hm...lessee...thumbing through my rolodex...

...Archeology?  Nope.

Candlemaking?  Not today.


Oops, a little spelling error there...should be Farmaceuticals, but no.

Ah, here we go:  Hickory Golf.

Gaining some ground lately for a couple of reasons:

1) I've switched to a match play format  - and -

2) I've adopted Walter Hagen's viewpoint that the only shot that matters is the next one.

We've all heard the old saw...

...but I never put much stock in it.

It was a bit too ethereal, too whimsical for me, as if you could somehow "think" your way to success.

What about talent, study, hard work and practice, practice, practice?

Turns out the former does not replace the latter, it completes it.

Talent helps, of course.

Study, hard work and practice are essential.

But attitude - that's the fuel that makes the engine run.

Hickory golf is not just a change of equipment, swapping out a 5 iron for a mashie or a driver for a playclub.

It's embracing an era, the origins of the game...

...its attitudes, customs, how it was played.

Understanding - and more importantly, doing - that is helping me play a little better and certainly enjoy it a whole lot more.

recent deluge

mr. blue jay enjoying seafood sensations

evening sky, courtesy of Larry from his cottage

Larry's friend offroad racing in northern Michigan

post-race, pre-wash

transplanted daises in Ryan's Corner

tiger lilies, lavender, daisy

more yuccas in bloom in our courtyard

Hate to sound like a broken record...

...but summer rolls on and July is right around the bend.

Make haste to enjoy it!

later, mcm fans...

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