Sunday, May 1, 2016

Almost Finished...

...with Papa's Model T: The Long Count...3rd in the Young Reader series...proof copies coming this week...editing process underway...

One of the elements of the Papa's Model T series is a 1925 Crosley Pup radio:
A single bulb radio that uses batteries, not AC power.  It's fun tuning it, bc it doesn't have the traditional AM's a combination of the "volume" knob on the front...the bulb glows brighter as you up the voltage from the battery and the volume increases...and the two knobs on either side.  It's s discovery process to find stations.

Doesn't drive a speaker so you use headsets to listen to it.  It was fun learning about this old radio as I was formulating ideas for the PMT books.

The weather has continued to be crappy...the older I get the less I understand about why I still live in this state...a move is definitely in my future.

I need to live in a traditional small town with some back / dirt roads where I can comfortably drive Mr. T.

Would like to be able to take him 2 or 3 miles into an old fashioned main street town...stop at the grocery store for milk, bread, eggs, then drive back home.  Have people wave as you motor by instead of giving you the finger bc you're not going fast enough to suit them.

Do those towns still exist?  I mean other than in 1956.

I kinda think Indiana might have some of those...I've driven through that state a couple of times and have come to believe their state motto - "wander Indiana" - is really a state law bc actual highways seem few and far between...everything seems like a two lane back road.  Could be wrong...

Saw this saying the other day: Life is better down that old, dirt road...

In keeping with the country motif, seems like everywhere Karen and I have gone shopping for several years, they're selling statues, posters, metal sculptures of roosters...we've kidded about how eventually it was inevitable; we'd have to finally give in to the inescapable Madison Avenue advertising monster and buy one.

That finally happened:
 Meet Rory Calhoun, our new rooster...

On a more serious note, my oldest grandson Marcellus had his senior recital this past week...did an excellent job as always:
He really is very was a fun evening listening to him strut his stuff.

To hear some of his recital, go here:


Congrats, Marcellus!  Job well done.

Later, mcm fans...

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