Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy..., this is not a picture of Karen bailing me out of jail...this is a cell below the Coral Gables restaurant we investigated after supper last night.

So what's that got to do with happy anniversary?  We're spending a couple of days in gay old Saugatuck at a very nice Bed and Breakfast, The Twin Oaks...
Happy to report the accommodations are hospitable...beautiful old home from the 1860s, tastefully updated and within walking distance of all the shops downtown.

So how have I started this mini-vacation?
The same way I start every day, checking on Notions...only my surroundings are a bit more welcoming than usual.  (I'd offer up some lame apologies to my wms coworkers but they'll never read this anyway,)

This is a gorgeous old their fireplace in the common area:

Hoping I can convince them to light a fire before we leave...

Ran into an old friend while we were out and about last night:
Haven't seen the Captain in ages...I spend more time with Mr. James Beam now, but back in the day the Cap' and I enjoyed some good times.

We'll see what today brings...probably some shopping, browsing the antique mall, might even roll a few games and the former Lakeshore Lanes (under new management now and can't remember their new name) the old saying goes, the afternoon knows what the morning never suspected, so I'll report back later with the exciting news.

Later, mcm fans...

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