Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Crack Team...

...of ace mechanics...laboring tirelessly to fix what ails Mr. T.  With this group, Mr. T may in fact be a goner.

Like the faux mechanics above, I need more practice.  What you see is the result of my first time messing around with some picture overlay stuff.  Kinda fun.

Another week has clicked on by and here we are in August.  For those of you wondering if it's time to panic over the rapidly disappearing summer...
...the answer is YES...when you can tear off two of three months from your calendar that traditionally define "summer"...'s that time.

So don't just sit there, DO something...get outside when the sun shines and embrace each day...smell the flowers, listen to the birds, jump in that lake, catch those fish, golf, kayak, bike, hike, beach it, sit by the fire at night, stargaze, take that vacation, skinny dip, drive with the top down, play horseshoes, bocce ball, croquet, barbeque on the grill...whatever yanks your chain and blows your hair back...

So taking my own advice, I hit the links with my hickories and enjoyed a pleasant stroll through the country...
A one putt would have given me a bogey on three, but I settled for a double bogey.

Settled?  Who am I kidding?  When I double bogey a hole I'm doing handstands and cartwheels on the inside.

Ran into one of my distant relatives on the tee at four...
Family ties notwithstanding, I told him to beat it...I golf alone...

Here's my lie after a less than stellar tee shot on par 3 hole five... least it was in the fairway, but I hit my mashie fat from the tee and so was shorter than usual  If I hit it right I can strike it about 125 or 130 yards...and since all I use is my mashie, niblick and a putter, I rarely have to ponder complex questions re: club selection.

This was definitely a niblick shot, about 70 yards out from the pin.

I'd love to write that I chipped in from here for a I will, since that is in fact what happened.

Local media are referring to this as "The Miracle On Five"...well, they might if anyone besides me was there to see it.

Of course, they would also have penned "The Disaster On Six" if they'd hung around for the next hole, but thankfully there's been a media blackout on that.

Apart from the miraculous (for me) shot on five, my best hole was probably nine.  It's a dog leg par 4, and I hit 3 nice shots with my mashie...a short niblick shot put me on the green in 4 and a one putt for a bogey finished my round.

At that point as I gathered up the tools of my ignorance and strolled serenely off the green, all was well with the world...I sure hope the rest of you guys don't screw it up.

This should be a big week on the house reno...completing phase 1 electrical, having kitchen countertops installed, and finishing up the plumbing issues so we'll have two functional bathrooms.  O happy day.

But now, it's cigar time...

later, mcm fans...

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