Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Happy New Year's Eve...

...as we bid farewell to 2019...and welcome the year of perfect vision...2020.

So...do you have big plans for this night?  We certainly do...
...as usual, it will be quiet for us, with two movies on the docket for our big celebration:
...the eponymous "New Year's Eve", which in spite of having some bona fide morons acting in it, is really a pretty good movie.

And of course, the all time great for this occasion...
...When Harry Met Sally...just a wonderful relationship movie, equal parts truth and comedy with great performances by everyone.

After that we'll watch the ball drop - an increasingly difficult task considering the talentless twits they dig up to host this once enjoyable event - and then we'll toast the new year with a kiss and a glass of champagne...

Hope your celebration is both happy and safe as we embrace the challenges and rewards awaiting us in 2020.

The De-Christmas-ification process continues...
                      / \
                     / | \
                   /   |   \
                  /    |    \
                 /__ | __\
                      |_|       old school cool...

...we took advantage of the unusually warm weather to remove our outdoor decor and have now begun boxing up all the indoor ornamentation...
...the fireplace being exhibit 1...but so far Sir Kitschalot remains a jovial reminder of the holidays...
...I've heard Santa Is A Scotsman and apparently so is Sir K judging from his plaid scarf.

His festive days are numbered, however...once Karen gets on a mission it's a scorched earth policy with no quarter given and none taken.

We've already stored away 4 of the 6 trees we put up each year and most of the yuletide trimmings...by New Year's day it will be just like it never happened...how sad...but fear not, if experience holds it will all come rushing back 11 months from now...stay tuned...

Any resolutions this year?

I mean besides all the usual high minded and unattainable goals like "world peace", "exercise more" and "lose 20 pounds".

One of mine is learn to swing dance.
...though at my age it's going to be a toned down version I'm sure.

Karen and I have talked about it for several years but circumstances never seemed right...this year we're hoping to make them right and actually learn a little bit.

Winter decided to drop in for a quick visit as 2019 scurries off the stage...
...just a few inches - 3 or 4 - which Mr. Weatherman assures us will be gone by the weekend.

If you're one of those folks who either loves winter sports or makes your living at them - e.g., ski resorts -
so far winter has been a major bust.

I don't mind, but this is Michigan and it is supposed to be winter, so...

And that just about does it for us here at the Atomic Monster Cafe on this last day of 2019.
As we turn the page and look ahead to 2020, we should remember the failures of the past year were life lessons, not life sentences.

It's also true our successes must be earned, and the rent is due every day...so we keep working toward our goals in life because as the great Vince Lombardi said,
The only place "success" comes before "work" is in the dictionary.

Happy New Year, mcm fans...

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