Saturday, September 26, 2020

We Just Discovered...

...our home has a name: Baysweep.

We also found out who the architect was:  Dean Bryant Vollendorf.

pretty sure he's the taller one

DBV was born in Sheboygan Wisconsin in 1929 and heavily influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, whom he referred to as one of the premier icons of architecture in the 20th century.

Uncovering this info may not seem like that big a deal to most folks...I mean, a quick phone call to the township office would do the trick, right?

Well...that's what we thought back in 2017 when we bought the home...but the township clerk informed us our house plans were destroyed by a major roof leak years ago.

Me, incredulously: "You have no records of our house plans on file at all?  No blueprints?  No papers of any kind?"

She, indifferently: "Correct."

Me, indignantly: "But have you seen this home?  It's so unique, we'd really like to know its history!"

She, indolently: "Uh huh."

Me, defeated: "So now what?"

She, detached: "Have a nice day." <click>

So...stumbling onto this information that finally fills in the details about the pedigree of this unusual mid century modern home after three years of wandering down dead ends has been, well, exciting!

I know what you're thinking...all our hours of online research, phone calls and emails finally paid off, right?

Not quite.

Karen found the answer to our riddle exactly where you'd never expect it to be: online at the Aldi's "Aisle of Shame" group.
This, believe it or not, is a real thing and Karen is often online with literally tens of thousands of other folks from all around the country who buy home decor type items they find in the Aldi's "aisle of shame".

Why is it the aisle of shame?

It's tongue in cheek obviously, and was given that sobriquet because Aldi's built their reputation as a no frills grocery store.

Ergo, when people go there to save money on their grocery bill, but are spotted dilly dallying in an aisle devoted to <insert shocked gasp here> home decor items! - well, you get the idea.

When people find something they like in the AOS, they post pics of it in and around their homes.

For example, Karen recently posted this little collage of a cabinet and some stick on tiles she bought in the AOS:

In short order she had over 7,000 likes and 375 comments.

This is - how shall I describe it? - an active and enthusiastic bunch, bordering on a cult following.

So one fine day Karen spotted a posting by a nice lady named Heather from Missouri.

She was highlighting some cute Aldi's stuff sitting in her courtyard...a courtyard that looked suspiciously similar to ours:
Heather's courtyard...

...and ours

A few quick inquiries and helpful replies from Heather and we finally had the answers for which we'd been searching.

Since then Karen and Heather have been swapping pics and war stories about restoring our Vollendorf Baysweep homes...

"You had to replace the roof, too?  How about the floor to ceiling windows?  Oh yeah, big owee there..."

Let's face it, there's a certain kinship you feel with someone who's walking the same path you are.

Now stop it before I get all misty here.

We even discovered there's a "Friends of Vollendorf" FB group, centered on Mr. V's work.

From them we found out there are only 11 known Baysweep homes across these fruited plains, and between Heather's and ours, we account for 2 of them.

Anyway...that, class, is the definition of Serendipity.

Here's the best part of this week's hickory golf outing...

...glorious autumn colors punctuating my pleasant stroll through the countryside.

Here's the worst part of today's outing...

...that's my "new" (circa 1925) Driving Iron which performed admirably at first - I was striking my gutta perchas 140 yards much to my delight - but then for several holes it seemed like I was hitting solid drives but getting no distance.

Then on #8 I heard the loud crack as I teed off and, well, that cleared up the mystery.

It wasn't all bad news, however...

...I managed to bogey 7, 8 and 9 on my way out...

...due mostly to some decent work with my niblick...

...and almost competent putting with Calamity Jane.

I say "almost" because had it been actually competent I would have snagged two pars, but such was this round.

Hopefully I'll have a few more chances to tee it up before the snow flies.

Busy day at the farmer's market...

...with long lines to get in...

...but they moved along fairly quickly.

Once inside we noticed a distinct fall-ish flavor to much of the produce now...

...with lots of apples and pumpkins gracing the various booths.

Perfect autumn day to browse the market.

Random sightings...

not even in Holland...96th ave on the way back from golfing today

also on the way back from the links...a little fall color on the roadside

not sure it's coherent, but it does communicate their unhappiness

relaxing by the patio garden

And that my friends draws the curtains...

...on another excitin' installment of the Atomic Monster Cafe.

We trust you observed state mandates on social distancing and prescribed mask protocol...

...while you were visiting us today.

We'd hate to have to arrest and jail you for trying to live a normal life...

...but she will if she gets the chance.

later, mcm fans...

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