Friday, February 5, 2021

Winter Makes...

 ...its whole-hearted return...and guess who showed up for dinner?

It's been awhile, but they're we're putting corn out for them again.

And like last time, the snow is very pretty...

lowered the flag due to 40mph winds

my view from the bonus room while enjoying a kentucky cheroot

the night before...

...the morning after

Temps are due to drop into single digits over the next week so they're expecting the lake effect snow machine to kick into high gear.

With all the balmy weather I figured it was the perfect time to take Mr. T for a spin...

...which was actually quite a bit of fun.

Cold and snow are not a Model T's best friend, but we kept it between the ditches and arrived only half, not completely frozen.

Next time I'll put some skis on him.

In the Mid Century Modern Appliances department, more good news from Mandy at The Retro Revival re: our Philco V-handle wiring, freezer and breakers installed...

...ready for re-assembly next week, and hopefully in our my grubby little mitts by the end of the month (Karen objected to me referring to her mitts as grubby).

Next up may be a vintage Kitchenaid dishwasher...

...our 2017 GE dishwasher died and it's more than I want to spend to fix it...would rather take another step toward making our kitchen appliances match our mid century modern home.

Someone had a birthday this past week...

the Barbie Twins

...and I'm not allowed to say who, but here's a's the beautiful woman on the right.

We had a big ol' shindig...

{ shindig shĭn′dĭg″

  • n.
    A festive party, often with dancing.
  • n.
    A ball or dance; especially, a dance attended with much uproar and rowdyism. }

...during which time we did excitin' stuff like drink coffee, eat cake and watch our latest binge...

...a BBC presentation that extends Jane Austen's unfinished novel over 8 episodes...pretty good, too...worth a look.

A stroll through the parting shots department from some antique shops we visited on Karen's birthday...

a nice welcome

the Corona from 1912 is pretty cool

do NOT feed the plant

the happy couple

aww, thanks

In spite of the cold and snow, take heart...only 43 days 'til Spring...and you know what that means...

Can't wait...

later, mcm fans...

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