Sunday, September 11, 2022

A Somber Day...


...when a way of life was lost forever. 

There is of course a new generation - those born post-9/11 - who've never known anything but the America in which we live today.

But for those of us who grew up in pre-9/11 America, the difference - the loss - is staggering.

Pray for our nation.

On this day especially, pray for families and loved ones of the victims of this senseless tragedy, and those who gave their lives trying to save them.
 “If we learn nothing else from this tragedy, we learn that life is short and there is no time for hate.”
  - Sandy Dahl, wife of Flight 93 pilot Jason Dahl

In the mundane pursuits of life...

teeing off on #1

...we turn to hickory golf.

Actually got out twice this week - both times at lunch - since the season is dwindling fast now.

teeing off with my mashie on #7...

Neither round was inspiring - a few pars, mostly bogeys, a few double bogeys.

...and my lie on the green that ended up a par

Each round left me with something to correct, which I attempted to do on Ryan's course at home.

One complete round - that's what I'm in search of.

And I don't mean sub-par or even par golf necessarily.

I mean a round where I don't blow any tee shots - don't hit them fat or top them, don't push them right or draw them left, don't lean back on my right foot and leave them short.

I mean a round where I putt consistently and don't leave a 15 foot putt 5 feet short, or whack a 10 footer 4 feet past the cup.

A round, at the end, where I can honestly say I struck the ball well and putted like I knew what I was doing.

Whatever my score was at the end of that round, I'd be content.

Kingarrock hickory course, Scotland

Until the next time, of course, when I'd be on the hunt for that "one complete round" again.

It's definitely starting to feel like Fall is coming...

...with cooler mornings now and temps topping out in the high 70's.

Hate to sound like a tourist, but here goes...your leaf peeping schedule for 2022:

Don't say I never did nuthin' for ya.

One thing I truly miss during the fall is the excitement of Friday nights supporting the local high school football team.

Back in the days of full size VHS camcorders when my guys were playing, I used to videotape all the games for Freshman, JV and Varsity football.

It's hard to beat the fun and fervor of a small town catching the fever for its high school heroes...

...and there's probably no better example of that today than schools playing 8 man football.

Many small high schools in Michigan have either made the switch from 11 to 8 man football, or else started up a football program for the first time, since they can actually compete against schools their own size.

Plus the 8 man football state championships are held up in the Yooper Dome at Marquette...

...a gorgeous facility I had the privilege of touring when my guys played there for a regional championship game in the 90's.

The gentleman who ran the place - a Chicago transplant - took me all the way to the top of the dome, up to a little platform that swayed ever so slightly, 100+ feet high, as I videotaped our guys practicing on the field below.

Unnerving at the time, but a great memory.

Might be fun to watch the finals in the Yooper Dome this year.

Time for leisurely stroll through the Parting Shots department...

Larry's got a good eye...

...a quality camera...

...and some gorgeous scenery to photograph

a friend and his beautiful wife hiking in the Zion National Park recently

recent pic of West Virginia coal miners pushing an electric vehicle with a dead battery so it can be charged up at the coal mining facilities.  gotta love irony.

some might say better

might be time to start walking

a dose of truth on your way out the door:

later, mcm fans...

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