Saturday, September 24, 2022

Happy Anniversary...

...and Happy Autumn...a two for one deal.

On the 21st we mourned the last day of summer; the next day we celebrated our wedding anniversary and welcomed Fall.

It definitely felt like fall when we returned to the scene of the crime...

...where we honeymooned years ago.

Such an abundance of great memories!

wedding day, 2005

toasting our happiness at Fenn Valley

our backyard oasis in the early days

Pierre Jouet champagne and anniversary cake

Serenity Cove wine featuring Karen on the label

Here's to making many more wonderful memories together.

Did you know...

...has welcomed over 4.9 million illegal aliens into this country since he began squatting in the White House in January of 2021?

In less than 2 years he's created an unprecedented invasion at our southern border, the effects of which will be felt for generations to come.

In fact, if we gathered all of the people he's encouraged to cross our borders illegally into their own state, it would have the 25th largest population in our country.

They'd be right behind #24 Alabama that has 5 million people, and ahead of these 26 states (in order):

Louisiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Oklahoma, Connecticut, Utah, Iowa, Nevada, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Maine, Montana, Rhode Island, Delaware, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming.

Brazen, Lawless, Corrupt: Coyote Joe.

Had a bit of crisis on the hickory golf scene recently...

...and no, it wasn't related to those stylish argyle socks.

In fact, it's too boring to go into the details (yes, you should thank me), but while working through a problem with my swing I decided to give bowling a try again.

It's been several months since I last touched a bowling ball, and the 1st two games showed it.

However, I then took an unexpected detour into luck / competence for my 3rd game and rolled that 215 you see above.

And I say "luck" because at least 2 of those 6 strikes were Brooklyn, but hey, I'll take it.

Of course, it wasn't all good news.

On my very first ball I actually slipped and fell...and not one of those semi-graceful / catch your balance with a hand to the floor variety, either.

No, this was an ungainly, off balance slip / roll on my side / scramble to a cross legged sitting position fall that will probably go viral on someone's fakebook page.

Oh well...not the first time I've made a fool of myself in public, and sadly, I’m sure it won't be the last.

Had a recent visit from a world famous cartoon character:

Introduced in 1945 by Looney Tunes...'s Pepe Lew Pew, who's always in search of true love...

...and Purina Seafood Sensations, evidently.

I wouldn't mind him hanging around, if he didn't tear up my lawn, but he does.

And oh yeah, he stinks.

Like so much of life, it appears we've crash landed...

Lost In Space, anyone?

...another excitin' edition of the AMC.

Assuming the atmosphere on this strange new planet is breathable - highly dependent on your proximity to any blue anon aliens - you are free to exit and get on with your life, such as it is.

One more thing as you flee the premises...

Today is the day we turn the corner on daylight /'s evenly split at 12 hours each...but starting tomorrow...

Read it and weep.

later, mcm fans...

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