Saturday, December 17, 2022

Here At The Castle Frankenstein...

...we've been so busy... 

...the season almost slipped by us.

But not quite...7 more days 'til Christmas, so let's do this:

One Week To Go...

...and all through the land...people clamored to know, "O, when will it end?!"

"The answer's contained in the statement, my dear,

"Just 7 more days 'til Christmas is here!"

So hurry and watch those shows on TV!
The halls all need decking; you must trim the tree!

But somewhere amidst all the sparkle and shine,
The tumult and chaos that's stealing your time,

Take a moment or two for calm meditation;
Remember the Reason for this celebration.

The lights and the glitter are all well and good,
The ornaments, presents, songs and the food...

But when you consider the Grand Scheme of things,
They're really just heralds for our Newborn King.

So sing and be merry with those that you love,
But always remember God's gift from above.

With shepherds and Angels we echo it still:
"Glory to God, peace on earth and good will."

Lately we've been bingeing on a PBS Masterpiece series, "Endeavour"...

...a cerebral, engaging prequel to the long running "Inspector Morse" British TV show that aired from 1987 through 2000 (based on characters created by author Colin Dexter).

This series takes place in the mid 60's through very early 70's and stars Shaun Evans as wunderkind Endeavour Morse, just starting his career under the tutelage of veteran Detective Fred Thursday (Roger Allam).

It's definitely worth your time, both for the excellent acting and intriguing mysteries, but I mention it here for a completely different reason.

Karen and I were watching an episode from season 8, set in 1971, when she spotted something in the background:

Did you pick it out?

I'm embarrassed to admit I missed it completely until Karen yelped, "Hey!  They've got one, too!"

She rewound the scene and then I saw it:

Well wouldja lookie there, a Weltron 2005, just like mine:

Except that one probably works, and mine's still being repaired.

Anyway, it shows how period correct this show strives to be in all, cars, hair styles, phones, TV's and even record players.

You can add that to your triviata.

Since the Onrushing Holiday has you in its sights and...

...we here at the AMC have come up with some coping strategies for you...ways you can mitigate the stress of dealing with that whole gift giving / relatives scene.

We've conveniently grouped them into 4 categories, based on personality type:

The Stoic

1. Grin and Bear it - not just a comic strip started in the 1930's...

...but an actual method of managing holiday stress, to wit:

What, you think you're the first person who's ever had to fork out for presents nobody needs and endure bad breath and body odor from people swimming in your gene pool?

Come on, buck up and take it like a man!

The Actor

B. Disguise yourself - get some Groucho Glasses:

This is a sure fire method of being instantly unrecognizable even to your closest associates.


Because the world today is so historically and culturally illiterate, they couldn't identify this man...

"To our wives and girlfriends!  May they never meet."

...if they found him swimming in their Duck Soup.

Let's face it, if it didn't happen to them personally within the last 24 hours on their phone, they don't know anything about it.

Answer the door with your Groucho Glasses on and they'll run screaming for their safe space, convinced the dictator of Freedonia is poised to commit a micro-aggression against them.

The Houdini

III. Move without leaving a forwarding address - an extreme but effective means...

...of escaping those unpleasant holiday tasks, like, y'know...being there.

The Muskovite

$. Colonize Mars - admittedly this requires a bit of patience and forward thinking...

...but if you're ready to close ranks with those leaving it all behind, this could be your ticket out of the holiday stress grinder.

So mark your calendar for 2060.

Until then, do what most folks do anyway: stare at the device in your palm and ignore all nearby lifeforms as if they're from another...well, you get the idea.

Ibe habesheortophobiacs...everything you need to survive the season.

This service has been brought to you *FREE* of charge, forethought, substance and meaning.

No need to thank's what we do.

Time for a quick sleigh ride...

...through the Parting Shots department...

Grin And Bear It

they said we could get up to foot of the white stuff this weekend...

...and they were close...10.5"

Romans 1:22

future project: a wine cellar, perfect for our half basement

another fan of Seafood Sensations

in a related story: did you hear about the 2 Minnesotans who froze to death in their car?  They went to a Drive-In to see "Closed For The Winter"

meanwhile, outside the Wild_Hare Pool Hall...

my kind of meeting

Never fear, there's a whole week to go before  Christmas blows onto the scene... you've still got plenty of time to panic.

Before you do, a reminder from God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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