Saturday, December 3, 2022

Let's Get This Out Of The Way, Shall We?

'Twas 3 weeks before Christmas...

 ...and every mouse...had fled frozen fields for the warmth of my house.

My wife found their droppings and said, "I'm not pleased, to think that these varmints are taking their ease...

"...inside my warm dwelling; this outrage won't stand!
What will you do?"  Then I raised my hand:

"These mice, they are finished!  Kaput and Kersplatz!
No way they'll survive for we have three cats!"

Then we beheld our mog desperados...


...and Smokey...

...and Buddy El Gato.

Disciples of Garfield were these lazy creatures,
with eating and sleeping their dominant features.

Ignoring those three hebetudinous chaps,
I scrounged all around til I found an old trap.

And later that evening 'ere mice came a-creeping,
I set the cruel deadfall then got busy sleeping.

So early next 'morn, at dawn's early light,
I sprang from my bed to find what I might.

But what did my wondering eyes finally see,
but a clean, empty trap and a note left for me:

"Thanks for the cheese, but what would be better,
instead of old muenster, could we have fresh cheddar?"

"And what's with this platter?" my mousy pals asked.
"We might have been killed if we hadn't been fast!"

'Twas then that I thought of the great Robert Burns
and his famous lament to a mouse that he turned,

Out of warm hearth and home as he plowed in his field.
Did I want to partake in his life time of guilt?

The best laid plans, it is easy to see,
Gang aft agley and I think you'll agree,

There was nothing to do but give them their cheddar.
After all, 'twas Christmas, and what could be better,

Than showing the love God has for His swarm,
by letting them stay inside where it's warm?

So out went the trap, but the mice?  Man alive!
We're quite overrun but I guess we'll survive.

And lifting a quote from St. Nick's yearly flight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night!"

original artwork by Diane Dempsey

There...that wasn't so bad, was it?  It's like pulling a band-aid off a cut; if you do it quick it only stings for a second...and now you've got a whole year before you have to endure it again.

As expected, the Diva of Decorating waved her wand and Christmas magically*  blew into the Castle Frankenstein...including the living room...

...dining room...


...TV room...

...the coffee bar...

...and the overhead Christmas village in the kitchen:

I'm currently devising ways to hide her wand.

*magically in the sense of lots of manual labor by the resident pack mule

Hate to say it, but other than that, I got nuthin'.  Feeling beat up and worn down by the vagaries of life at the moment.

So, like my hungover college prof who dragged his disheveled self into the lecture hall and mumbled incoherently for a few minutes before dismissing the class early, I'm going to cut this one short.

Yeah, I had pretty much the same reaction when that happened back in the 70's.

Before you storm the exits,  I do have a few parting shots, so don't say I never did nuthin' to for ya.

To wit:

just because I like it...

...and the view from outside

Sir Kitschalot recently moved into the Wild_Hare Pool Hall

some new Christmas vinyl

Karen says my clubs have to move bc they don't match her Christmas decor...

...I say, "problem solved".

last sunrise pic of the year from Larry's cottage

Looking for better in the days ahead.

later, mcm fans...

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