Saturday, October 7, 2023

Another Gorgeous Morning...

teeing off on 6

...on the links.

Didn't do quite as well as last week, but managed to par #9 on the way out...a nice way to finish.

The rest of my round was the usual dust up with members of the infamous Bogey gang...

"'That you, Bogey?"    "No, it's me...Triple Bogey!"
[ cue ominous music ]

...but like so many things in life, hardly worth discussing.

I did find out they're closing the course for the season at the end of this month, so my (golfing) days are numbered.

However, that's no reason to panic..., wait a minute here...I'm wrong.

That is in fact the perfect reason to panic.

It's gonna be a long winter.

In the "you can't make this stuff up" department:

Dementia Joe's handlers are very busy, but somewhere between bottle feedings and diaper changes, one of them must have looked at the calendar and realized an election's coming.

DJ’s poll numbers are almost as low as his IQ, and a driving factor is his illegal immigration problem  project.

And make no mistake, it has been a planned project from the get-go, the detrimental effects of which will be felt for generations.

But now even deep blue cesspools like New York and Chicago are complaining.

So...what to do?

With a backbone as strong as wet pasta, it's time to flip flop and steal someone else's idea.



  1. Arousing or deserving of scornful pity
  2. Pitifully inferior or inadequate
  3. Joe Biden

Speaking of the calendar, meteorological fall began September 1st, followed by astronomical fall when the autumnal equinox occurred on September 23rd...

...but the nuts and bolts version of Autumn didn't start until today:

That's when the rains blew in and temperatures dropped from the 80's during the middle of the week to the 40's this morning.

And according to Mr. Weatherman, we won't see 60 degrees for at least another 10 days or so.

Must be October in Michigan...

Tahquamenon Falls time to get the fireplaces going again.

living room...

...bonus room...

...and bedroom

In the cognitive dissonance department, I do love a fire on a cold day; I just don't like cold days.

Go figger.

Now for a quick rhumba...

did I say rhumba?  I meant roomba.

...through Parting Shots:

I want to ride the 20th Century Limited

almost that time

"what are you looking at?"

a repeat, but still true

#1 grandson did a great job building this decorative fence for us

meant to include this last week...Sputnik, October 4th, 1957

beautiful lakeside vista from Larry's cottage

Autumn sunshine lighting up our backyard

Just heard that Israel is under attack by Hamas, and a state of war now exists in the Middle East.

If you're on praying ground, now would be a good time to heed God's Word:

later, mcm fans...

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