Sunday, October 1, 2023

Here's One Of The Reasons...

teed off with my mid-iron today as my franken-brassie is still out for repair

...I love fall golf.  True, the colors aren't as vivid as they will be in a couple of weeks, but still a beautiful sight.

And in a rare display of semi-competence, I actually parred that 370 yard par 5.

Also this one...

...a 270 yard par 4, the right way: on in 2 and 2 putt for par.

But that was it; the rest was my usual foray into the wild, wacky, wonderful world of Bogey_land.

But hey...'twas another delightful morning on the links...

...I kept it in the fairways and finished with the same ball, so hafta count this one as a win.

Started our weekend with a get together:

Enjoyed some food and fellowship on a gorgeous last day of September.

Good friends, good food, good conversation...can't ask for much more than that.

And now October has arrived...

...but ushered in this year with almost summer-like weather.

It's faking, of course...falling leaves, disappearing daylight and chill nights are all in our very near future...

...but we'll take the sunshine and warmth as long as we can get it.

And since it is October it's time to queue up some favorite movies of the season again, to wit...

great flick about the early days of the US vs Russia space race

truly scary silent movie ripoff of Dracula

a movie about the making of Nosferatu that asks the question, what if the star of the movie was a real vampire?

October's not complete without screening this 1931 classic

Mel Brooks' hilarious sendup of the Frankenstein movies

Too nice a day to sit at the keyboard blogging, so let's hustle through some parting shots and then get outside, shall we?

and yet they'll still do as they’re told and vote for him

beautifully restored art deco theater sign in Rogers City

recently replaced this monstrosity...

...with this

our tall grass just sprouted tassels...looks like fireworks celebrating fall

mr. squirrel investigating our pumpkins

Happy Fall Y'all...make the most of this beautiful but fleeting season.

It's gonna be winter before you know it.

later, mcm fans...

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