Sunday, October 29, 2023

Know What This Is?

...I didn't, until a couple of weeks ago.  

That's when our 1956 Philco V-handle quit on us...

...and our investigation into electrical mysteries from the 1950's began.

And yes, this is the same beast we just put in service again, having finally solved the problem with the sweating freezer door.

With some pointers from a FB group, I tipped Phil over on his side, and found that electrical start relay you see in the first pic.

It lives underneath the fridge next to the compressor, and apparently had gone least I hoped that was the problem, and not the compressor itself.

Since I'm not an electrician, finding someone willing to deal with vintage appliances is no easy task.

Typically when I start the conversation with, "I have a 1956 Philco V-handle refrigerator..." the next sound I hear sounds a whole lot like a dial tone.

But the good folks at...

...who've done all our residential electrical work during our restoration of The Castle Frankenstein...

1961 write up in New Homes Guide for Dean Bryant Vollendorf's "Baysweep" house plans

...have one gentleman with ice water in his veins, and he was willing to have a look.

He came out, did some analysis, we tipped Phil on his side and he removed the old relay.

We checked Amazon, I bought a replacement for $12, and a few days later he came back out and installed it.

Had to wait 24 hours after standing Phil up again to let all the refrigerant settle, and then the moment of truth:

Voila!  Man Cave Fridge back in action, and all is well in MCM Appliance Land once again.

For now.

Well, they done dooded the dirty deed:

Karen's youngest daughter tied the knot.

She married her long time beau, but at a different park than Karen scouted.

This park is right across the street from where the happy couple first met, so it holds some significance for them.

It was a Moms only affair; just the the bride and groom, the officiant, Karen and the groom's mother were in attendance...a cozy, intimate ceremony.

Wishing the newlyweds every happiness in the years ahead.

In my last outing of the season...

...I opted for "simple golf"...a wood, a mashie and a putter.

On a par 4 using guttys, that's typically my brassie from the tee and the fairway, my mashie for a chip onto the green, and Calamity Jane for my (usually vain) attempt to 1 putt for par.

'Twas a gorgeous, late fall day, sunny and a brisk 50 degrees, but I did ok... I managed one unlikely par by sinking that putt on #6, and 4 bogeys.

The others were the uglier 2nd and 3rd cousins...

...of the bogey family.

Hate to admit it, but we're more than just casual acquaintances.

Even so, it was an enjoyable round...

...due in part to the beautiful colors.

We're at peak, or maybe just a bit past now.

I was also striking the ball pretty well from the tees...

...and the fairways, mostly straight to a slight fade.

Sadly, the course I play closes Monday, so it's farewell and adieu to my favorite pastime... least until April.

Heavy sigh.

For no particular reason, I'm renaming Parting Shots to "23 Skidoo", so here we go:

Line up according to IQ points...

...and for those of you rushing to the front of the line, I didn't specify if it's high to low or vice-versa.

In any event, 23 Skidoo:

2023 Art Prize entry: "Anonymous Vagrant Standing On Weltron"

some color up north near Larry's cottage

get it while you can, boys; your future's knock, knock, knocking on GM's door

Karen made the happy couple a wedding cake

Big Frank standing guard

the treat factory is almost done for another year

With All Hallow's E'en almost upon us, it's time to buckle up...

...and hold on tight.

The downhill race through the holidays to the end of year is about to begin.

later, mcm fans...

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