Saturday, February 3, 2024

We've Gone From This... this: a week, I'm loving it, and you know why:

With apologies to all you winter sports fans.

Someone had a birthday...

...but I'm under strict orders not to tell who, or which one.

Since I always do as told, let me just say:

Happy Indeterminate Birthday! the best human being I know.

Love you always, my dear!

Broke the bank recently...

..and splashed out on this Reto 35mm "point and shoot" film camera.

Set me back all of $25, it's super light, daylight only (no flash) and takes pretty good pictures, to wit:

Loving this inexpensive little camera, but I'm still rocking my Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, too:

As the good folks at the FPP like to say...

Shoot Lotsa Film!

Looks like my Lion Slippers...

...will not be getting a Honolulu blue mane makeover this year...Detroit went down in flames at last week's NFC Championship game, 34-31.

As has been said by Lions fans every year after 1957:

"Just Wait 'Til Next Year!"

Only this time, it's probably true...yes, they shot themselves in the foot in the 3rd quarter of the NFC Championship game so season over, but they're returning a great group of players, Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell...

...are deservedly the NFL Executive and Coach of the Year, and this Lions team's future really does look bright.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Time to 23 Skidoo...

a rare visible sunset

just bc I like it


from the recent KBH files


another reto 35mm the pale blue mackerel sky

From God's Book of Wisdom:

later, mcm fans...

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