Saturday, March 23, 2024

Look! Down In The Dumps...'s a wimp!  it's a wuss!  it's Crying Man! 

Yes, I know it's a <repeat> a bad Spring cold, he shows up every year around this time.

After lolling around indoors and stuffing my face for the past 4 months - cookies, pie, cake, chips and cheese, mac and cheese - hey, anyone hungry besides me? - the bill has now come due and it's time...

snappy dresser pay the piper.

I hate that guy.

So it's back to trudging through the desert of the diet, with my usual goal of losing 10 to 15 pounds.

But it is the jumpstart I need to get ready for the outdoor season of "functional fitness"...

...when working around the yard will help me reach my goal weight.

It's also the kickoff to the annual battle that pits the mistress of the landscaping...

...against the reluctant beast of burden...

hey, I know that guy

Let the games begin.

In my last blog entry I noted this is the first time in my memory that Spring actually appears to have sprung early.

Well hold the phone...

...this note just handed me:

Turns out the rodent is right...while I was sleeping, this happened:

looking out my office window

Ok, so it wasn't just under the cover of darkness; it snowed off and on for pretty much the whole day, which is even worse.

the courtyard

there are daffodils under there somewhere

A half foot of the white stuff.

That's just rude.

Predictably, Mother Nature's shenanigans have put a damper on my hickory golf activities...

<Old and Young Tom Morris>, circa 1875

...but hopefully only for a few days, as there are 40's and 50's in the forecast.

And though it's never stopped me in the past, I really can't complain about this "winter that wasn't".

The weather has been so mild, I've practiced outside with my hickories more than every other winter combined.

As a result I'm very comfortable with my 40" brassie now, something that didn't seem possible not that long ago.

Another month before I can be out on the links again; can't wait.

Time to 23 skidoo, y'all...

"puppy yoga" as demonstrated on the today show.  wonder if they feel as foolish as they look?


MIA from your own life, how sad

the ol' homestead, taken with my kodak brownie starflash

lipstick on a many doofi (plural of doofus) are dumb enough to buy it?

ms. deer checking out the new snowscape

looks like winter, but that's a spring sunrise

In Memoriam: Ryan, February 1981 - March 2021

As we approach Easter, a reminder from the book of Isaiah, written 700 years before the birth of Christ:

later, mcm fans...

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