Saturday, March 9, 2024

Probably Wasn't Intentional...

...but that pretty much says it all.

The above is an obvious <non sequitur> -

He: "Did you see they blew up that building?”

She: "Haley dropped out of the race for prez."

- yet oddly appropriate.

Haley may want to pretend she dropped out, but the reality is she got blown out.

It just took her longer than the rest of the world to finally admit it.

No doubt her democrat supporters - who wasted $114 million to win the swamp and Vermont - decided they could no longer throw that kind of money down that deep a hole, so they pulled the plug.

And like Ol' Man River, the Bad Orange Man...

...just keeps rollin' along.

If you were one of the unfortunates who watched our deranged faux-prez screaming the SOTU this week...

"You kids stay off my lawn!"

...I hope you remembered to delouse.

Obviously an unhinged lunatic, he reminded me of the sad ending to an old movie:

where have we seen that "crazy, foaming at the mouth" look?

The difference?

Before rabies, <Old Yeller> was a loyal pet protecting the family farm.

Before dementia, SloJoe was a corrupt parasite feeding at the public trough.

He's never been bright, but now he's gonzo delusional.

Where's Corn Pop...

...when you really need him?


In saner news, I'm now the proud owner of a golf mat.

"What's that?" you ask.


May not seem like much, but it's a lot nicer than standing in a couple of dirt depressions.

Will probably install these for the other par 4 holes where I use my brassie to tee off.

Also need to replace a couple of the putting surfaces this year.  I'll lay them on top of the worn out ones to give them a little softer feel.

Who knew golf course maintenance could be so expensive?

Might have to start charging myself admission... defray some of the costs.

Did you remember?

March Hare, 3rd cousin twice removed

Yes, it's the first one of March's three* redeeming qualities:  the time change, after which it stays light later.

Sadly, this is not the beginning we'd hoped for...

...but you've got to start somewhere, I suppose.

In the old days this time change could be a real killer; more than once I drove into church parking lots just as services were ending.

That was before Mr. Cellphone existed.

say hello to Mr. Hugh Bikwitus Cellphone.
creepy, ain't he?

Even when he did burst intrusively onto the scene, he and his kin didn't automatically adjust for the time had to turn them off and back on.

Nowadays you've got no excuse for being late...

...but for some folks it's a way of life.

* St Patrick's Day and Spring! are the other two.

As Mr. T has so often opined...

...I pity the fool who don't 23 Skidoo!

makes sense.  do you?

the great Ted Ray, English golfer, circa 1913...

...all 16 stone of him, pounding another tape measure drive.  note how the hickory brassie's head touches his left shoulder on his backswing.  straight left arm?  don't think so.  he hit golf balls 330 yards back when NO ONE hit golf balls 330 yards.  with today's equipment he'd easily be driving balls 400+ yards.

insights 101

I'm about 99% positive it's too soon for this

<Happy Birthday Barbie!>   come to think of it, she might actually be the first of March's four redeeming qualities

from first to worst, from hero to zero...America's race to the bottom has shocked our allies, emboldened our enemies and grieved those of us who remember our former greatness.

Since it’s election season, this reminder from God's Word seems especially cogent:

later, mcm fans...

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