Saturday, March 9, 2019

Let's Celebrate...'s National Barbie Day...she debuted at the American International Toy Fair in New York on this day - March 9th - in 1959.

For a rundown of her fabled history, go here:

<Happy Birthday Barbie>

Why do I care, you ask?

Because my beautiful wife is a fan of the iconic doll, having played with her as a little girl back in the day...and imagine our surprise when DNA tests proved they were actually sisters!
I always said I loved Barbie so much I married her.

Of course, it's also National Get Over It day... if you've got something in your life over which you finally need to get, today's the day...

Either way, it's time for a par-tay, and what better way to celebrate than a shot of whiskey from Bogey himself...
...that's right, the famous tough guy from Hollywood's golden era has his own whiskey...gonna have to try some when they start marketing it here in Michigan this summer.

Paired with an Arturo Fuente Short Story cigar...
...c'est magnifique!
It's time change weekend...
...did you remember to set your clocks ahead 1 hour?

I used to dread this weekend due to the loss of an hour's sleep, but as I've aged I've learned to embrace it...stays light later and it's another step toward exiting winter and welcoming Spring.

But as happy as I am to be rid of February and into March, it's still one of the two ugliest months of the year here in Michigan...
...yes, it's got a few good things going for it...this time change weekend, St. Patrick's day, the official start of spring...but even so it's just ugly to look at...piles of half-melted, brown and crusty snow, bare leaf-less trees, dead grass...not pretty.

November...that's the other one.
Did battle with Mr. T this weekend...
...not a current pic, obviously...
...and finally got him started...didn't drive him very far...running pretty rough at the moment...the bitter cold of the last few weeks killed the battery and so had to charge it overnight just to get him to crank.

Hate to say it, but might be time to sell the ol' boy...inspired me to write 7 Papa's Model T books...
...and I definitely enjoyed bombing around in a car that's almost 100 years old...but I really have no great place to drive him out here...unlike when we lived in Wyoming where we had all those interconnected city blocks with 25 mph speed limits, our neighborhood here is small and opens up onto a 45 mph speed zone...not safe for a car that cruises comfortably at only 35 to 40 mph.

Who knows?  Maybe I can trade it even for an Auburn Boattail Speedster...
...hey, could happen...I see a new series in the works:

"Big Daddy's Boattail Speedster"

later, mcm fans...

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