Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Hate To Admit It...

...but I discovered an exception to my rule...that most modern era Oscar winning movies are crap.

I once saw a comic strip that perfectly illustrated my showed a condemned building that used to be a movie theater and one person asks "What happened?"

The other person replies, "They only showed Oscar winners".

And that my friend is too often the case...but in 2011 they definitely got it right.

I'm late to the party, but I just watched the 2011 Oscar winner for Best Picture: The Artist...
...a French film that is absolutely stunning.  It has vaulted into the top 5 of my all time favorite's just that good IMHO.

Warning: it is actually a silent movie filmed completely in black and white, and I know there are some people who won't be able to get by that.

But I'm a silent movie aficionado and appreciate the genius inherent in effectively communicating complex emotions without the use of the spoken word.

To be able to emote love and pathos, hatred and disdain sans dialogue requires real skill...y'know, acting.
the great Garbo and Gilbert
True, many silent movies relied on overacting and mugging for the camera, but the great ones of that era - Fairbanks, Valentino, Gilbert, Garbo, Chaplin, Keaton, Lloyd, Bow - understood how to peel the onion with a sultry look, a subtle gesture, a passionate glare, a bold thrust.

And now we must add two names to that list of the best silent movie actors and actresses of all time: Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo.

Dujardin did win the Oscar for Best Actor; Bejo should have won for Best Actress.
The above scene alone was enough to place her in the category of the greats.  That's her arm in the coat sleeve around her waist, by the way.  You have to see that scene to believe's amazing.

The story line is simple and takes place over a 5 year period: silent movie superstar George Valentin meets newcomer and movie extra Peppy Miller.
Unrequited love begins.

By 1929 the stock market crashes and silent movies are on the way out; with them goes George Valentin.

By 1931 the Depression has blanketed the nation and talkies are here to stay; their new darling is Peppy Miller.

Can a down and out former silent movie star and a top of her game talkie movie goddess find love and happiness?

You gotta watch it to find out...and to hear the only two words spoken by famed silent movie star George Valentin.
Because it is a black and white, silent movie, it won't be for everyone...but if you can put yourself back in 1927 to 1932, embrace the era and open yourself to the culture and technology of that time, you will enjoy a brilliant and classic cinematic treat.

C'mon, expand your filmic horizons...

You're not chicken, are ya?

I dare ya.  No, I ding-dang-diggety-double-dog dare ya!
A late breaking news bulletin from the IT Disaster Division:
...we actually did successfully upgrade this past weekend and are now happily thriving on a shiny new computer system:
same two guys, 10 years later...
Our goal, naturally, is to keep pushing forward until we reach Computing Nirvana:
...but we know we have to take things one step at a time.

In all seriousness, we did finally leap onto the latest and greatest this past weekend and of course it was a team effort with many people involved, all of whom had to work too many hours to make it happen.

I would be remiss, however, if I did not give a shout out to our Team Leader, Dave Roderick...
Dave is a consummate professional with many years experience, and he led the charge from beginning to end.

Smart, focused, detail oriented with great organizational skills, we could not have achieved the success we did without his guidance and leadership.

Thank you, Dave!

If it's ok with your highness, can we finally have a weekend that does not involve panic and coronary occlusions?
I see our friends at Google are celebrating the birth of the internet.

I needs must conclude therefore they are honoring the life and times of that self-proclaimed technology pioneer, Al Gore...
...that's Al himself on his brick phone, just before the moment of truth when he gave the word to his elves in foo-foo land to throw the switch...
...and invent the internet!
Unfortunately Al caught them on their martini break, and it was actually some time later before they were finally able to get it cranked up.

But never fear, Big Al did eventually get it all invented and stuff and the rest as they say is make believe history.

Some other well known inventions for which Al takes credit are the Nobel Prize and the Oscar.

In fact, as the creator of both those he saw fit to award himself one of each...the Nobel Prize for Fictional Achievements...

...and the Oscar for Fantasy Documentaries...
...way to go, Al!

Haven't heard a whole lot from Al since he missed his prediction for the end of the world...
...but he did sell his TV station for millions of greenbacks to that like minded bastion of truth and integrity, Al Jazeera...maybe because they have the same first name?

If nothing else, he's a patriot.  A very, very rich patriot.
And that dear readers concludes our broadcast day here at The Atomic Monster Cafe Studios...please stand by while I play a funky rendition of Taps on my kazoo... which point we turn on the Giganta-Fans and blow everyone out of the studios and off our property.
Hey, we're busy pursuing excellence; we don't have time to wait around for dawdlers.

later, mcm fans...

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