Saturday, November 14, 2020

Veteran's Day 2020...


Benjamin receiving the Fleet Marine Force Combat Device in Afghanistan

...has come and gone...did you remember to thank a veteran?

Our God given freedoms have been safeguarded through the years by brave men who risked everything to protect them.

We owe them a debt of gratitude for our very lives, and we should hold such men in honor for their courage and sacrifice.

God Bless our veterans and God Bless America.

Well, we're more than a week past the election and in spite of what every legacy media outlet maintains, this election is far from over.

There are thousands of reports of voter fraud and election rigging from all around the country, and dozens of lawsuits currently in progress to contest them.

When dead people vote, certified poll watchers are refused access and so-called "software glitches" switch votes by the thousands, fair and rational people should be alarmed.

These election results need to be challenged and verified so the bedrock principle of "one citizen, one vote" is preserved.

If we lose that, we've lost America and you can kiss your individual liberties good bye.

Remember kiddies...

A starkly beautiful November sky...

...reminds me how close we are to year's end now, and Karen recently returned home with two new Heralds of the Holidays.

Please welcome Norm...

...and Roger...

...the Christmas Gnomes...from the Aldi's Aisle of Shame, of course.

Yes, I am aware we haven't even arrived at Thanksgiving yet and no, I don't know why their hats are bent.

Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger.

More good news from Mandy at The Retro Revival re: our Philco has been primed and is now ready for painting:

We kicked around a number of different color options, and I've seen restored V-handles in fire engine red, robin's egg blue, Halloween orange and one that was sort of a mix between piss yellow and puke green (with apologies to a very young Harrison Ford in American Graffiti )

But c'mon...when you bought one new off the showroom floor in 1955, what color was it?

Yep, we're going with "appliance white".

I know, what can I say?  We're Mr. and Mrs. Traditional.

Recent sightings 'round the ol' homestead...

sad but true

my friend Larry's view from his deer blind...

...and the view when he dozes for a few minutes

missing hickory golf already and it's only November

back for two weeks only, it's the Qornucopia Quartet

coming soon... a holiday near you

winnie the pooh's blustery day's got nuthin' on us

when I play this the Lions actually win

sunset at the Castle Frankenstein 

We're just about ready to bring this one in for a landing folks... please extinguish whatever it is you've been smoking lately, wobble back to your seat, return your tray to its upright and locked position, fasten your seatbelt, and would it kill ya to shut off your cell phone for once?

As we taxi to the terminal I leave you with this reminder from God’s Word:

later, mcm fans...

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